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Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Looks Like A Laugh Riot



What happens when two of the finest comic talents on Bollywood come together to do a take on what looks like human embodiments of the ‘Santa-Banta’ jokes that have been doing the rounds on our phones since time-immemorial?

We get what looks like a genuine laughathon…No kidding! The gags and jokes as shown in the trailer are suitably daft.

‘Santa’ Boman suggests he divide a 1000 rupee note ’55-50’ with his pal ‘Banta’ Vir Das.

“That takes care of 100 rupees. What about the rest of the 900?” says Banta innocently.

Ha ha.

Santeshwar Singh and Banteshwar Singh better known as Santa and Banta are off to ‘videsh’.

Canada! Santa and Banta whoop in delight, naming the haven for all Sardarjis.

“Not all videsh is Canada. You two are going to Fiji,’ informs Vijay Raaz in that condescending tone that he specializes in. Vijay Raaz’s comic timing is as usual, impeccable.

In Fiji, Johnny Lever(yes he is in the film too, go ahead, giggle) playing a Fijian don awaits Santa & Banta .

It’s all crazily funny in the trailer with the comic timing between the lead actors seeming to suggest that they are capable enough to carry forward a legacy of a Santa-Banta series.

Amdist the raucous laughter two damsels also show up. Neha Dhupia emerges smoking-hot from the water.Does this lady ever stop being seductive? And, yes, that’s a glimpse of Lisa Haydon over there. After Queen she seems happy being the has-been. Or never-been?

Sandwiched between the two ladies is podgy television actor Ram Kumar appearing to suggest a sinister design on the plot.

But make no mistake . Santa Banta Pvt Ltd belongs to Boman Irani and Vir Das. They are terrific in their turbaned avatars. Vir in fact plays a Sardar in another forthcoming film October 31, a very serious Sardar, I might add. So in case the madcap duo in Santa Banta Pvt Ltd is accused of trivializing the community, there’s more to them than the laughter .

Akash Deep directs this balle-stic laughathon . But we shall not hold that against the film.

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