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Satish Kaushik On Turning 65 & Minding Kids During Corona



Satish Kaushik

Actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik who turned  65 on 13 April is   not un happy about celebrating his  birthday  during times of Cornova, “This is my second  consecutive  lockdown birthday . Last year being at home I  celebrated virtually with friends Anil  Kapoor  and Anupam  Kher. It was fun to celebrate in an unique manner which was an invention in the grim period of Corona .”

 And  this  year?  “This year again it will be virtual but this time it has brought a lot of happiness  and  relief because me and my daughter Vanshika were infected with COVID and after going through a lot of agony we both are home and recovered just before my birthday to be Corona Warriors . So on my birthday I thank my friends   like Shabana Azmi , Anupam Kher , Anil Kapoor , Javed Akhtar , Rumi Jaffery who stood by me in this period like a rock and I dedicate my 65th birthday to them and doctors,  nurses and  staff at Kokilaben Hospital who brought Happy Birthday for me and Vanshika.”

 Satish  and his 7-year  old  daughter who were both down with Covid 19 have recovered and are  on the way to  regaining  complete  normalcy in  their  lives.

 However  Satish is worried  about the wellbeing of  children  during this time of the pandemic.

   Says  Satish, “My daughter  Vanshika and I   have recovered and tested negative for the Coronova, though  she is on some oral medication till the 14th of April . This new wave of Covid19 is affecting children a lot, so we have to be very careful about the movement of our children . We must  not take them to crowded places and events at all . Please don’t  take children  to the  Kumbh Mela.  And  please  don’t   allow them to play in groups with other children in your building premises .Also kids  must be trained in  wearing masks and sanitizing hands .”

   Satish is  also  concerned about the  medical facilities  available  for  kids in hospitals. “All families in all the Indian  states should request the local authorities to increase the COVID hospitals , beds , pediatric doctors ,and  nurses for children  . Children need special care . They can’t isolate themselves like we grownups can. To see  children suffering in  isolation  is heartbreaking.For children up to the age  of 12 to  not be near  their parents  in this  Corona situation is a major worry that needs  to be  addressed by the  administration.”

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