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Sayani Gupta On Life In  Quarantine After Four More  Shots



After the  success  of  the  OTT series Four More  Shots Please Sayani Gupta seems  to be enjoying a wave  of delayed success.

Saya Sayani, “I am enjoying this time apart from all the promotion stuff that we have to do for the second season of Four  Long Shots Please  and hoards of interviews, live sessions , etc.

Sayani has struck up  a lifelong friendship with her  three co-stars  in the series. “It’s a real girl gang that we have become.And let  me  tell you,I enjoyed  every bit of the shooting. Even  the  intimate  explicit scenes. I think as an actor you should be able to portray every emotion or scene authentically. This was not an exception.”

 Sayani is  at home like everyone else trying to  make the  best of her quarantine.  “I   think this is the perfect time to  introspect, think, self-evaluate, and also binge on films and shows and do everything that makes you feel positive.Sleeping yes  a  lot.I have not been sleeping for even 6 hours every night for the last three years because of shooting  do things that make  me feel positive, I  eat well, workout, spend time honing my  interests and hobbies, do household chores and do not step out.:

Sayani says she’s and working   working  out from home. “I am cooking, cleaning, mopping, washing, drying, dusting, working out, watching films, singing, painting, doing riyaaz, giving interviews, doing lives, discussing films.. and it’s endless. Also I have started my own chat show on Instagram called #shy-me-not…. My next release is a film called Axone, which is a comedy, satire and I  play  the Nepali protagonist in it.”

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