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Scandal Point: When Rekha Sneaked Into Amitabh Bachchan’s 60th Birthday Bash



The  enigmatic Rekha loves  to let  the world  know about her  legendary proximity to Amitabh  Bachchan. Whether  it actually existed  or  not,  or what  its  duration was, is  irrelevant to Rekha. In  her mind they were always and  still are  a couple.

To prove this, Rekha did something on  October 11, 2002—Mr B’s 60th birthday—that must have made even the lady herself cringe in hindsight.

Rekha gatecrashed  into the Bachchan ‘s  60th birthday bash.

Uninvited she reached the venue at  the  Marriott in all her regalia, accompanied by her faithful  shadow  Farzana .Guests  at the venue froze. Someone spotted her entering  the  lobby  of  the hotel . News spread  like wildfire. And  before she  knew it, Rekha was  being chased by a large  bunch  of  press photographers  , tv cameras and fans.

 This is when she panicked.  Impulsive and eager  to be seen on this momentous occasion  next to the man with whom she continued  to share  a relationship in her head,Rekha still had the presence  of mind to know that  being caught gatecrashing at  the part of the highest-profile  celebrity whom she  was linked  with, would  not go  down well with  the birthday boy or his frowning family.

Rekha panicked. She  ducked  into the  nearest washroom and stayed locked inside until the photographers and media persons left.

No one  knows  how long she stayed hidden  . Maybe the whole evening  .While the world celebrated the  60th  birthday of  India’s biggest star,  the reputedly reclusive Rekha remained locked  in  the loo.

There is something inherently tragic  about a love that ends but continues to stay alive in the mind  of  the  person  in love. Rekha must have realized  it that evening.

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