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Scoop: Karan Johar Interviews Ted Sarandos



karan Johar

While all eyes were  on  Netflix’s head honcho Ted Sarandos interviewing  Sanjay Leela Bhansali, another  interview, this time one that was kept away from the public domain for  now, had  Karan Johar interviewing Ted Sarandos.

This happened at a  party that Netflix hosted for Sarandos  on Saturday night.

An invitee reports, “Karan Johar conducted a 15-minute interview with Ted.  Karan’s  questions were   all improvised ,and so were all of  Ted’s answers. They spoke  about the Hindi film industry and its changing dynamics and  economics. They  also did a photoshoot together.”

Why has this talk not being made  public as yet? Sources say Netflix didn’t want Karan Johar’s  conversation with Ted Sarandos to be out until  Sarandos’ conversation with  Bhansali was  in the public domain  as there would be “a  clash  of interests.”


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