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Scoop Prabhas To Organize A Special Saaho Screening For Ladylove



He may deny  it as  much as  likes. The fact is, Prabhas and Anushka Shetty are  going very strong  as a couple and would  have made it official long ago were  it not for  his  family.

 Now comes  the news that  Prabhas intends to  hold a special screening of Saaho for  Anushka  and  her family, very shortly.

Says an informed source, “Prabhas is  eager to  organize a screening for Anushka.  In fact she was  one of  the  first  people in his life he wanted  to show Saaho to. But Anushka has been  busy her schedule. Now that the film is a success, Prabhas  is all the more  keen to share it with the one who matters the most in his  life.”

 The screening is expected  to happen any day away from the  press  and its  prying eyes.

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