As Secret Superstar, Gol Maal Get  ‘UA’ Sources At CBFC Say Aamir Is The Clear Winner!


This week the two big Diwali releases Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstarand  Rohit Shetty’s Gol Maal Returns went through the CBFC.

As expected both the purported blockbusters were given a  ‘UA’ with minimal cuts.

According to  sources at the CBFC there was discussion over what should be done to Gol Maal Returns as the film has references to the supernatural.

“There are scenes about ghosts and moving objects. Naturally theCBFC is expected to come down on the unnatural and supernatural.However  the spook element in  Gol Maal Returns is all in jest.We can’t take  life seriously all the time. The censorboardcleared the film with a ‘UA’”

The  source says Gol Maal Returns will definitely  get a run for its money from  Aamir and Secret Superstar.

The CBFC sources describes Secret Superstar as another TaareZameen Par. “Again Aamir plays  a mentor guide and  pupil. Last time   he played saviour to a dyslexic boy. This  time he’s savior to an oppressed girl . Darsheel Safary wanted to be a painter. This girl wants  to be  a singer. In both Taare Zameen Par and Secret SuperstarAamir’s character is there halfway through the film.”

The source says Secret Superstar will take  over the Diwali week.

“It has  the potential to be as  big as Dangal,” predicts the CBFCsource.

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