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Shah Rukh & Family Pray As Aryan Khan’s Bail Comes Up  Again Today



Aryan Khan

Will Aryan Khan go home today after 18 days in custody? Hopes are up  at his residence in Mannat.

A close friend of  the couple feels this is a do-or-die moment for  the  distraught  parents.

“Neither Shah  Rukh nor Gauri are  very devout. But when it comes to our children we  all become god-fearing and superstitious. Aryan’s parents  have been  praying a lot.  They  haven’t been  getting much sleep . If  their son doesn’t get bail today, they wouldn’t know  what to do,” says  the friend.

The  situation that  the Khans  find themselves in  is  described by their friend as ‘Kafkaesque’. “They  don’t know what exactly their son is guilty of.They  just want him home.They want Aryan to be under house arrest for at least two months. No parties  no late  nights.  Not even  outings with friends. Aryan  will have  to be very careful of  the company that he  keeps from now, and his parents  will make  sure  of that,” the family friend informs.

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