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Shah Rukh Khan Is Doing Siddharth Anand’s Pathan, Anand Puts War 2 On Hold



Shah Rukh Khan

Siddharth Anand  is  a name  much  in demand after  the stupendous success of War last year.Both the War heroes Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff were keen do a sequel to  War with  Anand. But now it seems Anand has  other plans. Rather than direct  the sequel  to War Siddharth  Anand   has opted  to  direct Shah  Rukh Khan  in his comeback film .

 Entitled Pathan ,the  film to go  on  the floors early 2021, will have Shah Rukh in  an all-out action role,a first  for  King  Khan and a challenge that  both he  and  director Anand have already started  preparing for.

In his his response to the rumours, when I  asked him if Pathaan stars  Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone ,Salman  Khan and  John Abraham,  director Siddharth Anand  had this to say:  “Sorry, I can’t confirm  or  deny  anything at this point as  YRF(Yash Raj Films)’s  PR  handles  all  communications. I am bound by that unfortunately.”

 However Siddharth didn’t deny the  project or the cast. While Yash Raj Films refuses to  divulge  any  details,a source in the  know informs, “Only  Shah Rukh Khan  in the title  role is confirmed. The  rest  is all speculation right now.And  the fees  being attributed to the  supposed star cast is totally  off  the mark.”

Says a  source  close to the  development, “Shah Rukh  will be  doing  intricate action sequences  for Pathan, the kind he has never done  before.”

As   for  War 2, the producers Yash Raj  Films have two options: either they wait  for Siddharth  Anand  to complete Pathan,  or the second  film in the War franchise can be  directed by another  director.  Yash Raj  has decided  to wait for Sidharth to finish  Pathan before moving on  to War.

One of   producers Yashraj Films most successful film  in recent times, War  was  just waiting to be turned  into a  franchise.

 The good news is that  director  Siddharth Anand is  already  working his way into the script  of  the  sequel.There was  some (loose) talk that Anand  may not return to  direct the  sequel. All  false,  as it turns  out.

An informed  source says, “War 2  is all set  to start  in mid-2020. At the moment  all  that can be said  is that it’s  going to be  much bigger than the  first War film.”

With  Pathan  and  War  all set for next year Siddharth Anand seems to  have joined  the ranks of the biggest directors in Bollywood.

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