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Shah Rukh Khan To Cancel Paan Masala  Ad?



Shah Rukh Khan

Following  an unconfirmed report that quoted Ajay Devgan  as  saying he has nothing to do with  Shah Rukh Khan’s personal  problems, there are  strong rumours that  Shah Rukh Khan may be cancelling his deal with the pan masala company  for which the  ad with Devgan  was to be shot.

However  the  termination of  the deal has nothing to do with Devgan, reiterates sources,  and  everything to do with Shah Rukh Khan’s acute  consciousness  of  his role as  a  social influencer.

“He has always been very careful of his public behaviour. But now  after what has happened to  Aryan(Shah Rukh’s son) SRK’s  awareness  of  his behaviour has  grown,” a source in the know  reveals.

Part  of the Superstar’s efforts  to ensure an  impeccable  public image is  to  avoid endorsing  products  which are  even remotely damaging to the public’s  health.

“You will see  much less of Shah Rukh Khan in the public domain in the coming months,” a  close friend predicts . “And that  includes ads for  products which are health hazards.”

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