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Shah Rukh’s Generous Gesture For Varun’s Wedding Guests



 Shah Rukh  Khan is always known  to be kind  and  considerate beyond the call of duty. It comes as no surprise  to know that he  has gone  out of his way  to accommodate  Varun Dhawan’s wedding guest  at his Alibaug residence.

Confirming this act of generosity  a source  tells me, “It’s nothing unusual  or  out of the way. SRK offers his Alibaug residence  to  all  his friends who  visit the  holiday spot. Normally  the  place stays  shut with only the caretakers around. So  accommodating guests in the vast  premise  is easy.”

The source also adds that Akshay Kumar is equally generous with his  holiday home in Goa. I can vouch for this as Akshay had offered  it to me as well.

It is  not known  if Varun’s  guests will actually avail of SRK’s hospitality. For those who came in late, Shah Rukh and  Varun  go back a  long way. Varun is an unabashed SRK fan and had agreed to play the relatively smaller  role in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale only for SRK’s sake.

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