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Shah Rukh’s Silence Has Scarred His Son For Life, And Is Aamir Next?



Shah Rukh Khan

Silence is golden only when used under happy circumstances. By remaining quiet all through his son Aryan’s discernibly unjust arrest , Shah Rukh Khan has made himself vulnerable to charges of cowardice.

Many anti-rightwingers believe Aryan Khan was a scapegoat in a much bigger conspiracy to upturn the Khan triumvirate in Bollywood.

A veteran journalist from a leading new channel tells me, “Aryan’s just an excuse.There ‘s a pattern now to silence Bollywood .To make the Khans fall in line.”

The same celebrity bureaucrat who allegedly masterminded Aryan’s arrest had apparently harassed Anurag Kashyap also when he was GST commissioner .And it is rumoured that Deepika Padukone had shell out almost eight crore rupees last year to save herself from arrest . “Drugs ek bahana hai.Extorting and threatening the Bollywood stars into submission is the real agenda of agencies ,”an informed source informs me.

It is widely believed by those opposed to rightwing bullying that Shah Rukh Khan is paying the price for his silence. Colleagues like Urmila Matondkar may believe Shah Rukh’s silence to be dignified. Others think it’s sheer cowardice.

An actor who has worked with SRK tells me, “Although SRK and Aamir keep mum on controversies and remain silent on national issues thinking ‘they’ will never come after them the fact is that the danger of being on the radar is now a reality for them.See, someone like Kishore Kumar or Dilip kumar used to take a stand .But the Khans are all about bank accounts which has made them vulnerable .Of course they do a lot of charities but they don’t take a stand on important issues, unlike biggies of yesteryears.”

It is believed by a very strong section of the anti-rightwingers that Shah Rukh’s son has paid the price of his own silence.

Says a leading political analyst (who doesn’t want to be named.). “When Jamia Millia Islamia, Shah Rukh Khan alma mater was attacked he kept mum thinking , kyo panga le .But they knocked on his door within an year and half .At that time lot of students messaged him to come and support them with even one tweet but he preferred to remain silent and today he paid the price .Today Bollywood lacks camaraderie .Earlier everyone used to stand with each other in every crisis but that’s not the case anymore.”

Brutal trolls like the one calling the three Khan superstars ‘haraami’(as acting is considered haraam as per Islam) are making the rounds.

Says an anti-rightwinger filmmaker . “If still SRK doesn’t have guts to come out to take on them then upar wala bhi kuch nahi kar sakta .These Bollywood personalities need to understand their silence is the biggest weapon for attack against them.”

A source close to former Star and Disney India chairman Uday Shankar reveals, “Last year Anubhav Sinha and Manoj Vajpayee collaborated over the ‘ Ka ba’ Bhojpuri video highlighting the migrants’ plight.But it was Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan who had been approached by Uday Shankar to do a video on the same issue during the lockdown.Both Shah Rukh and Aamir kept dilly dallying.”
The writing is very clear on the wall: time to take a stand is NOW. Or pay the price.

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