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Shahid Kapoor, “I’m very focused on my journey”



Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor  Who Made   His  OTT Debut  With Farzi Speaks On The  Film Industry Today

The Indian entertainment industry seems to be in a state of flux. There are many films that are tanking. Then there’s Pathaan that comes  along, and things look very bright in the industry. So what do you think and where do you stand in this chaos?

Using the word chaos is relevant because from a wider lens, it does come across like that. But when things are going around up in the air, up in the air, you have to focus on what you believe in, what you came here for. And just go ahead and do that in a way that is fresh and new and different. Like Farzi.

What do you feel about the quality of feature films being made?

I think, maybe we just need to make better movies. And I think everyone is aware of that, everybody understands that. What the audience feels is always paramount, but you can’t forget who you are and what you are. So I just actually hold on to who I am very closely at times, where there is, like you said, quote unquote, chaos. But good phases and bad phases come and go.

Apart  from chaos,there  is a lot of panic  in the  film industry?

 I don’t know why everyone starts freaking out so much. Nobody seems to be shocked when there’s ten years of a good time. So if there’s two years of a bad time, isn’t  that normal? I mean, that’s the normal cycle of life.

Tell me about how you view competition. Twenty years of experience, is there any healthy competition?

Well, there’s healthy food. Which one has to eat and behave oneself. But I think competition is…. What is competition? Anybody is competition. One day it’s one person’s name and then another day it’s another person’s name. It’s like a flavour of the season type of thing. But after you’ve worked for twenty years, you realise you have to focus on yourself. There’s an age and stage where one tends to look around and think ke isne ye kiya toh mai ye karunga. But I don’t think I’m at that place anymore.

You seem very secure in your space?

I’m very focused on my journey and I’m very committed to what I’m doing. Actually I enjoy watching different people’s work because sometimes it gives you a good push, right? You watch somebody and you’re like, man, this was so good, and he was so good. And it makes you want to do better work yourself. So if at all, it’s actually positive. I always look at it in a positive way.

 So which film of yours are you the most proud of and the least proud of?

No. I would never do that ya. I am proud of all my work. There are some forgettable films, but why should I name them? It doesn’t look nice.

Anytime soon that we’ll see you as a director?

 Haha! As a director? Nice one. I’m very happy being an actor, at least for now.

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