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Shahid Kapoor Injured Shooting Jersey!



History  has  again ,repeated  itself when on Saturday .Shahid Kapoor while shooting for Gowtam Tinnanuri’s Jersey, the  Hindi remake of  the director’s Tamil hit of the same title, injured  himself on his lip. When  rehearsing for his cricketer’s part , the ball  hit him on his lip at the Mohali stadium  on  Chandigarh.

Shahid’s wife rushed to Chandigarh after hearing of  the  injury.

A source  close to the  development  informs, “Everything is under control. Shahid is fine. It was  nothing major. Sections of  the media tend to  overplay any accident  involving  a star just to get hits and eyeballs. Shahid  did have an injury, and yes,  it was quickly attended  to. He will be off shooting for  about a fortnight  as it is a face injury and he cannot shoot until it is fully  healed,”

The  Hindi version  of  the Tamil  hit Jersey(no, it’s not called New Jersey) which  was  off to  a  flying start earlier this  month has  now come to  a halt.

 Coincidentally, Nani who had played the  failed cricketer-hero’s  role  in  the original Tamil version  of Jersey had also injured himself

Tiger Shroff who has gone through  his share of  injuries    during  the shooting of action sequences says it is tough for  an actor  to  draw  the  line between  safety and recklessness when  doing  a dangerous stunt. “You want it give it your best. So  you keep pushing yourself.Aur thoda   aur thoda… It gets riskier and riskier .Sometimes  you miscalculate  the level of  danger  and things  go wrong.”

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