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Shame On The Baba From The Dhaba For His Greed



80-year  old  ‘Baba’  whose Dhaba  suddenly  became hot property  after food blogger  Gaurav Vasan   posted a  video on him, has gotten  greedy after his revived fortunes.  Baba now  accuses Vasan of  defrauding him  of  the  flow of funds that came  from all across India to  help the  needy Baba.

Baba claims  Vasan  has siphoned off many lakhs  that  were sent  to him by people all across India  answering to his  distress.Instead of being grateful  to Vasan for  spreading the word , Baba  has  now turned around  to accuse  his  benefactor  and  savior of   embezzlement.

Vasan doesn’t know  what hit him.

“I don’t know who has been filling  up Baba’s ears. I  asked  people  to stop  sending  money  for  Baba because enough funds have been accumulated. I helped him when he seemed  to be in distress. I  like to promote  street  food. In fact after helping Baba, I  also  made a video on a  female  dhaba owner  in  Agra. Her fortunes too have  revived.  I hope she doesn’t  turn around to accuse me of cheating her.This is  too upsetting. Is this what  I get for  helping someone in  distress?”  asks  Gaurav

This is  clearly a  case  of avarice  taking  over all better judgment. An  old man and his wife who were on  the verge  of starvation  suddenly find  their  fortunes turning. They  decide to get  greedy, caring little  for the hand  that  held them  from falling. 

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