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Shankar Sidelines Ramcharan’s Project For Kamal Haasan




In the  world of entertainment  and more so the Indian entertainment industry,nothing succeeds like success. Now that Kamal Haasan’ Vikram made substantial  profits  in Tamil  pockets(it was  a washout in Hindi)  Kamal  is  once again  looking at his  film career with  keen interest , having temporarily  sidelined cinema for  politics.

One  of the  first projects to  get the  immediate go-ahead from Kamal Haasan is Shankar’s Indian 2, the sequel to the  very  successful 1996  vigilante Tamil film,and  a rare  example of a  Kamal  Haasan film that  did well  in its Hindi version(Hindustani) as well.

Sources from Chennai tell me  Shankar will now  focus  “completely” on Indian 2 , while his other underproduction directorial  starring Ram Charan Teja in Telugu is for now being put on the backburner.

“Kamal Haasan  personally requested Shankar to give all his  undivided attention to the Indian sequel.Ram Charan’s film will have to wait,” says the source.

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