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Sharmila-Kareena Best Saas-Bahu in Filmdom, And We’ve Proof



 It would be no exaggeration to call Sharmila Tagore and  her daughter-in-law Kareena kapoor Khan the coolest  Saas-Bahu  pair in  Bollywood. I’ve known  both individually and  I can say this much with  certainty. These two  women can  never get into each other’s space, or violate  their  individual rights over the  common man in  their life(Saif).

A  new 10-minute interview which  Kareena  has conducted in the  new season of her   talk show What Women Want one can see  the easy and authentic comfort-level between the two gorgeous women as  Kareena gets down to asking some really tough questions, like who is Sharmila’s favourite child among her three children and  which grandchild she likes  the   best.

Sharmila being far wiser and more experienced dodges the googlies  .Oh, but she  did have a special word for Ebrahim who she thinks  looks like  a true Nawab.

About her grandchildren she says she  is lucky to have grandchildren who are both grownup(Sara, Ebrahim) and little  children(Taimur, Inaaya).

Her  tongue firmly in her cheek Sharmilaji says she hopes that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma  would soon have  their child so that the  media focus  may shift away from Taimur whom she calls a “rage” in the media.

While  watching these two beautiful women together I  couldn’t help remembering Kareena’s  trepidation when she had decided to marry Saif. Would  she  fit in with the  royal family? Would Sharmilaji accept her?  Kareena fitted in beautifully

And  during this  lovely interview Sharmila Tagore revealed the  key to a successful relationship with  one’s  daughter-in-law. The  mother  within the mother-in-law shouldn’t show off about all the  accrued knowledge that she has about her son, his food habits, etc just to make the daughter-in-law feel inadequate.

Words  of infinite  wisdom, these.

When  I  congratulated Sharmilaji on her beautifully conducted interview she laughed, “Kareena is a  pleasure to have in the family.She has blended in without losing her  individuality. I remember when Pataudi passed away…Kareena’s birthday was the day after his death. But she was just there with the  family, not drawing any attention to  herself. I think that’s when I realized she was truly  a part of our family.”

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