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Singer Hariharan Speaks On His Hanuman Chalisa Crossing Billion Hits



Extroardinarily talented musician-singer Hariharan couldn’t be happier. His recording of  the Hanuman  Chalisa on T Series’  YouTube channel  has recorded over a  billion hits

Though partly explicable by the rise in  spiritual and religious  sentiments during these troubled times  of the  coronovirus and  the lockdown, a billion  hits  is a staggering number by any  reckoning.

 Says  Hariharan, “I knew the Hanuman Chalisa was very very popular throughout India across all Hindus be it South North East or West .Throughout  the world all temples played the Chalisa .Yes it is very popular .There was a survey done on ALEXA REG CHALISA .Every minute there are 4 requests for hanuman Chalisa.”

Nonetheless the  billion hits have  taken  Hariharan  by surprise. “Crossing the billion mark was something I could not imagine  and  was humbled by it .The thought of reaching more than 100 crore people couldn’t ever cross  my mind. It is all because of an Almighty power’s intervention and  blessings.
Hariharan is  thankful to producers  of his devout  endeavour. “A big congratulation to T Series music company who have done an amazing marketing through  the years .I fondly remember Gulshan Kumar  ji who made this album and   promoted it so many years back .INDIAN PEOPLE DRAW THEIR STRENGTH FROM THEIR GODS AND THEIR RELIGION .Satisfaction of giving spiritual strength to all these people makes me sure that God has blessed me with His spirituality vibrations . Just crossing 1 billion hits has given me such a strength and happiness,words fall short to describe the feeling.”

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