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Size of the house doesn’t matter to me: Tiger Shroff



Tiger shroff

From the awkward beginning in Heropanti in 2014 when he  was  called the most unflattering  names  by savage trolls,  to  2021 when he has  moved into grand new apartment  which  he says  is a gift to his parents  and  sister, Tiger Shroff has  come a  long way.  In an interview  with Subhash  K Jha  , Tiger  talks  on his new  home, and his  Independence Day song that took  the nation, and  its prime minister, by storm

You have shifted into your new home.what does it feel like to be in a new residence after so many years in another  home?

Home always feels like home when my mother and father are with me.Where I am with them is home  to me.My parents mean the world to me. Everything I do , I do  to make them  feel proud. I pray I never do  anything  to disappoint them.

Your dad says this home is your gift to your mom and he is just a passerby?

Oh, you  know  how  he is.Dad is trying to be cool about it. He  may act casual  about it. But he’s  as excited  about our new home as  my  mother. We  all are excited. This home  is equally important  for my father , my mother and my sister.

To be  able to afford such a posh new  home  for someone  so young is no joke. How do you see  your journey so far?

I see  it as just that, a journey. I feel it’s  my parents’ blessings that has brought me  where I am. I couldn’t have hoped  for  a better family .

Don’t  you feel a  bit lost in a such a  big house?

Sir, honestly the size of the house doesn’t matter to me.I am just so grateful to the Lord that I am able to buy a house for my parents .That was on my to-do list even before I became an actor.

The reaction to your Vande Mataram has gone all the way to the PM .How does it feel?

 So grateful to (producer) Jaccky Bhagnani firstly to push me to sing this song. I was to nervous as it was a huge responsibility to sing a song for our country.So I definitely  wanted to give my 100 percent and put every ounce of emotion into the words and lyrics.

I could feel  the emotions  flowing through the  words?

 I was singing as it was meant to be the voice of every Indian. I am most grateful to our Honourable Prime Minister for his approval of our honest effort.

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