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Sonu Sood’s Response To Trolls Claiming His Philanthropy Is A Fraud



Sonu Sood

Of late there has  been a trickle of  trolls  trying to discredit  Sonu Sood’s exemplary  work with  the  Covid distressed. These  naysayers include  elements  from within the  film industry who  are  using either their  own accounts  or fake ones  to try and bring down Sonu and his  tireless effort  to ease  the  pandemic pain.

These  workless worthless types really are really offputting and  symptomatic of the crab mentality  in  this country:  Na karo na karne do(don’t do anything for anyone and don’t let anyone do anything either). It’s like that one honest government officer  trying to do his job honestly in a team of corrupt  colleagues  . The rest  of  the team cannot bear  his honesty.

When I  spoke to Sonu Sood  about this  band of stubborn  naysayers who are  targeting his good work Sonu  said it didn’t bother  him.  “Such  people  will always be there in every walk of life . They can’t bear to see  me doing what we all  need  do during these times of  crisis.  ‘How can he be  doing this  without an agenda? Zaroor koi daal mein kala  hoga . Aur agar nahin hoga toh bana dete hain(if he  doesn’t have a hidden agenda then let’s make up one).”

Sonu says  the important thing  is to do his work. “If I  slow down to  take note  of  the people who are trying to discredit me I will be wasting precious time which I’d much rather use  to  save  lives . Besides  I don’t want to  give them any attention because that’s what they want.”

 Well said. It is  so  typical  of us  to question anyone who wants to make this world  a  better  place. We’d much rather  wallow in trash rather than cleanse  the world we live in.

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