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Soumitra Chatterjee’s Wife Passes Away, Sharmila Tagore Grieves



Deepa Chatterjee , wife  of  the legendary Bengali  actor Soumitra Chatterjee who passed away  in November 2020, joined her husband  in his heavenly abode on April 3  after  a prolonged  illness.

 Sharmila Tagore who knew the  couple very closely  is aggrieved  by the loss. “I knew Deepa  through Soumitra at  first and then  become close to her. We shared  a rapport separate  from Soumitra.She  was  an  individual in her own right,and not just her famous husband’s  wife. I’d say  I knew her almost as  well as I knew Soumitra. She  came  home on  a number of occasions. It  was always  a  pleasure to met her.I’ve lost another friend.”

 But it Soumitra’s children’s loss that really worries Sharmilaji.  “To have  to lose  both your parents within months is  a real blow for  the  children. My heart reaches  out to them.”

Sharmilaji  makes a significant  observation about  couples who  have been together  for  a long time. “When  one  of them goes, the  other  partner  loses the will to live. He  or she also passes  away soon after. I’ve seen this happen  on several occasions.This is  specially true if the partner has  no  life or interests  apart from the  one who is gone.  He  or she loses interest  in  living.I am sure Deepa  is  happy to be with Soumitra again.”

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