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Star Kids Won’t Hang Around Together, At Least For Now



Star kids- Ananya Panday, Janvi Kapoor, Aryan Khan

If you are a Bollywood regular you are unlikely to see the coterie of star-kids hanging together. Bollywood’s parents have placed a blanket-ban on the star-kids hanging out together at parties or on social media.

Ananya Pandey, one learns, won’t be connecting with Aryan Khan. Nor visiting her best friend Janhvi Kapoor and her sister Khushi.

Other star kids known to party and meet up socially are being kept on a leash

A star-mother reveals to me. “It’s not safe to have star children hanging out together. The minute two star kids are seen together they are suspected of doing drugs . I’ve told my son to stay home as much as possible. Or he can hang out with friends outside the film industry.”

Some stars/producers are even thinking of packing off their children to the US , Dubai or London for a while. The two daughters of a legendary superstar won’t be on the radar in Mumbai for a while.

“You never know whose kids will be summoned next,” a producer with popular celebrity daughters tells me in a fearful voice.

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