Subhash K Jha On Tanmay Bhat’s Insult To Lata Mangeshkar


Here is what Subhash K Jha had to say on this controversial video:

Earlier, Subhash K Jha wrote an open letter to Tanmay, here are excerpt from the same:

I know you’ll say it’s all in fun. And hey, let me tell you, even Lataji has a terrific sense of humour. But we don’t ridicule the Gods. And she is more than  a God. She is a religion. Next time try poking fun at a less tolerant sect of idol-worshippers. Try making fun of high-profile politician preferably from the ruling regime. And see who has the last laugh.

Comedy Touches All-Time Low With Tanmay Bhat’s Video Ridiculing Lata Mangeshkar

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