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Suitable Boy Trailer Review: Ishan Khattar Is Tabu’s Suitable Boy!



What one immediately  notices  in  the  strikingly  lush,almost decadent, trailer   of  Mira Nair’s eagerly awaited adaptation  of  Vikram Seth’s A  Suitable  Boy , is  the  crackling chemistry between  young eager  Ishaan Khattar and  the  incandescent Tabu.

 Their portrayal  of  forbidden  love looks too  authentic to be  faked for the camera. Every gaze  that they share  seems to melt their mutual resistance  into a mound  of  incurable salvation. Khattar an extremely talented  actor who made a  telling  debut  in  Majid Majidi’s  Beyond  The  Clouds in  2017  has  not  done any film since except the very mediocre  Karan Johar production Dhadak.

After turning down at  least  9 major assignments  including  one from Vishal Bhardwaj, super-choosy Ishaan finally said yes to Mira Nair’s  screen adaptation  of  Vikram Seth’s charming novel. Apparently   Tanu played a  big hand in  convincing Ishaan to accept the  offer. Ishaan  plays a young  man  from  a respectable  family  besotted by an older scandalous woman. They  share plenty  of  steamy sequences in the  miniseries .

Sources   say Ishaan ,  24, was   put completely at  ease by Tabu, 48 before their intimate scenes.

These erotic scenes  have turned out really special , so special that  I’m afraid  the rest of the  trailer and by extension, the  series,  threatens  to  be overshadowed  by the sheer  chemistry between  Tabu and her  young co-star.

The  main  character  in  the film Lata, played by  newcomer  Tanya Maniktala , barely registers.And what’s with that stilted  English   that everyone speaks in  the film? Is that what BBC wanted?

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