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Sushant’s Father Forbids Books & Films



At  a press conference  on Wednesday,  the late  Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer came  up with some  stern rebuke  for those who  feel  Sushant’s family has been  acting ignorant  about  Sushant’s  mental health and  that   Rhea Chakraborty  should not be held guilty until  proven  so.

In  other  words,  only Sushant’s family has  the  right to  justice. Rhea doesn’t.

Among the  many  dos  and don’ts(largely don’ts) mentioned by  the lawyer at the PC  the one  that grabbed  my attention is  an  embargo on  any  written  or visual  content based   on Sushant  Singh Rajput’s life unless the deceased’s  father  gives  his written consent.

This one left me stumped. How  on earth can the bereaved  father, who has enough  trauma to deal with,   stop  anyone  from making  a film  or  series  or writing a  book ?For  the zealous lawyer’s information , at least  15-20 serials and feature film inspired  by   the Sushant tragedy are being  planned. Try stopping them.

  Somebody is making a  film entitled Shashank which,  evidence suggests, is based on  Sushant’s experiences. It would take a very  long  stint in the courts to prove that the  film Shashank  is actually based on Sushant. All the  maker of this  film  or any other  series or film pertaining to  borrow material  from Sushant’s  life,  has to do is  change the name  and put a disclaimer  in the opening titles. No  law in the world can prove  that Shahank is about Sushant.

Of course  Sushant’s father has  very capable  lawyer. He  can try to  bring  every errant  filmmaker/author to book.

But  if I want to write book or make  a film  on Sushant,I don’t need  to take his family’s consent. I know the  whole idea is to keep options open  for a  juicy  deal  sanctioning  the authorized  film or book. But I can  easily do  an unauthorized  version  . But I won’t. I’d rather write  or make  film about Dilip Kumar , Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Guru Dutt  Balraj Sahni  or  Motilal. 

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