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Taapsee Pannu Speaks On Her Decision To Turn Producer



Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu Speaks  To Subhash  K Jha  On Her Decision To Turn Producer

This week, Dilruba Haseena actor Taapsee Pannu surprised everyone  by turning producer. Yes, Taapsee Pannu, who in  her 10-year career  has carved her own niche  in Indian cinema,  has  launched her own  production house  Outsiders Films.

Why the  sudden  decision?

Taapsee Pannu replies,  “It was  not  a  sudden  decision at  all. I had been advised to turn  producer for some time now. But I wasn’t sure. I knew being an actor I wouldn’t   have the mindspace to divert into being a full-time  producer and  wanted to make sure that I was psychologically  prepared to  have full control  over  the  films I  was producing.”

Hence  Taapsee was  on the lookout for  a  partner  to produce  films with. “I wanted a partner who had the expertise to  handle  the  financial-practical side  of  production while  I  took care  of  the  creative side. That’s when I got  my friend Pranjal Khandhdiya on board. I worked  with him  as an actor when he  was  part of Sony Pictures.I could see  his level of efficiency and  professionalism.”

It  was  Pranjal who suggested the partnership. “Yes, he was the one who suggested this partnership.I think  I’d have been insane to refuse it. With him  by my side I know I could totally rely on him  to handle the  production while I could  focus  on my acting and the creative aspects  of production.”

The  partnership and production plans to took  a year to concretize. “That’s the amount of time it took us to lock in our first production and a couple  of  other  projects in the  future.”

Taapsee Pannu is  very clear on her priorities as  a producer. “I don’t think  I needed to turn producer  to  create opportunities  for myself as an actor. I don’t think I  lacked opportunities before  I turned producer. But yes , one of my  targets as a  producer  is to  create opportunities for other actors like me who who come  in  from the outside and take  years to  find opportunities. It took me  a decade  to establish myself. This(the  production house)   would help some actors to get a platform, so they can make headway  quicker than me. The idea is to tell good stories and provide  opportunities to other actors.”

Further  explaining her  motivations as  a producer  Taapsee Pannu says, “A lot  of actors turn  co-producers to take   a cut in the boxoffice profits. I am not doing that . I am only producing  the films where I will have  full control, and where  me and Pranjal would be able to  make  the  kind of films we  believe in.”

Taapsee’s first production is  a film called Blurrr. “But I am not allowed to  divulge any information on it right now.”

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