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Tamil Superstar Arya’s Impersonators Arrested: “My Ordeal Is Over”



Arya in Sarpatta Parambarai

Tamil star Arya , his  wife and family have been facing a peculiar trauma for the past one year. Two men had been impersonating Arya  on  the  internet ; they cheated  a Tamil woman in Germany of nearly  75 lakh rupees  and promised to marry her , all the while pretending to be  Arya.

Arya’s ordeal ended  when the cybercell arrested   Mohammad Arman and Mohammad Hussaini of Pulianthope for impersonating Arya.

 In an  exclusive conversation after the arrest, Arya said, “Yes our ordeal has ended. My  family knew  I had nothing  to do with this. But still it was  deeply disturbing for my entire family  to  have  someone duping that  poor woman in my name.”

More than his own innocence,Arya was concerned about the woman. “I wanted  her  trauma to  stop.Someone  was using my  name  to  not just fleece  her of her  money but also to abuse her emotionally which to me was  not only inconceivable  but inexcusable”

Arya  says he  approached  the  cybercrime cell for  help. “They were most helpful and kind. They extended all help to me.A lot of cases like these take months and  years  to be solved. But my case was  solved in  no time at all after I  complained to the cybercell.”

When asked if Arya  intends  to take  action against the two  imposters he says, “What  more can  I do with them? They are  already arrested and exposed. As far as I’m concerned the law will deal with them . But my worry is for  people  who get duped on the internet by  ruthless  scamsters.Please  do  not  fall for  such imposters who   use  names of celebrities  to trap unsuspecting civilians.It  amazes me why that  lady believed that  I  would  ask her for money knowing I am a  busy actor making a decent living.”

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