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The  Controversy over Alia Bhatt Face-Timing At  Rishi Kapoor’s Funeral



Alia  Bhatt was seen  with a  phone in her hand during  her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor’s  last rites.

This was enough provocation  for  the trolls  to get  into action. They  have labeled  her insensitive, among other things, when in fact she was only doing what her  future mother-in-law Mrs Neetu Kapoor urged her  to.

A source  very close to the Kapoor family informs me, “Rishi’s daughter  Ridhima  who drove all  the  way from  Delhi to Mumbai  couldn’t make  it in time for the last rites  . Hence Neetuji asked  Alia to let Riddhima see  her father’s last rites on  Face Time. There  was  nothing ‘rude’ or  ‘insensitive’ about this.”

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