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The Extraordinarily Camera-Friendly Telugu-Tamil-Malayalam Actress Nithya Menen On What Makes Her Such A  Natural



In Kumari Srimathi, you play a 30-year-old unmarried woman with huge familial responsibilities. How did this dream role fall into your lap?

I was told this really interesting line ,that this is a story about a small-town girl who wants to open a bar in her village. And I thought it couldn’t get more interesting than this. I was like, really? Tell me more! It’s not something has ever been explored or seen before on screen. I also enjoyed the cinematic feel that was given to the rustic setting of a village. It was well-shot and colorful, and I felt it was a very interesting visual. When one is narrated a role one already understands certain nuances of the character, but what I related the most with Srimathi was that in her head she was a very unconventional person, and that was something that was very exciting for me.

 Is it daunting to shoulder films and series, or are you more than up to it?

For me, it is important that there is a certain relatability with the character, in the sense that your sensibilities should match with that of the role you are playing. I don’t predict or predict if a film can work or not, I take up a project if it makes sense to me, but I do tend to have a sense of social responsibility so I try to do characters which will have an impact on the people watching it.

 How do you see yourself in the hierarchy of stardom where women are supposed to look and act in a particular way in our films?

When I hear something, if it doesn’t make sense to me, I can’t do it. It’s as simple as that. When you say, you see yourself in a character, it doesn’t mean that you have to relate 100% to every character. We do characters that may not be me, for example, I’m doing a film now, which is very dark. So, it doesn’t mean that in real life, I’m like that, I tend to sort of try my best to do the kind of films which will have a positive impact on people. That’s very important to me. So, I do choose things like that, which I feel even if it goes as far as just making someone laugh or smile. That’s a very positive impact to have. So, I would pick that.

Tell me about your background, how and when did you get interested in acting?

don’t come from a film family. I come from a middle-class family that is very education-oriented. Becoming an actress was in my destiny. The first film that I did was when I was eight years old.It was an English film, shot by French people, Hanuman. And, I didn’t plan it. After that, I made a full-fledged appearance in Kannada film O’clock and from there to here, I never looked back and the journey has been quite interesting.

Was it easy for you to reach where you have? Do you get the kind of roles that you wish to get?

It’s not like that I have never been a career driven woman and continued to strive for the right opportunities. I always kept a balance between both, my personal and professional life and whatever roles that come my way, I know I have to do it and I do with all honesty. I am happy that I get to do what I love and at this point in my career, I choose the roles that resonate with me.

How different is it doing an OTT series as compared with a feature film?

I don’t see any difference in the mediums. In the end, it is just entertainment. Be it digital or theatrical, an actor has to do the job to entertain people. Whether you do an OTT series or feature film, in the end it is just up to the audiences if they are liking your work or not.

 Your forthcoming projects?

After Kumari Srimathi, I am doing a Malayalam unconventional family comedy series Masterpeace, which will be releasing next month. I am also shooting for a sweet love story in Tamil, and apart from this, there is a Hindi film I am shooting for which will be wrapped up by next month.

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