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The Fake Prabhas-Kriti Sanon Linkup Is Publicity For Adipurush



Prabhas-Kriti Sanon

There are many kinds of rumours  and gossip about  celebrities,  some  true, most not. The baseless rumour  about Telugu superstar Prabhas dating  Kriti Sanon has gone too far now: almost to the altar.

In the hyper-imagination  of  the publicists  the two are  supposed  to be  getting engaged  “next week” in the Maldives.Why Maldives, Prabhas’ friends wonder, why not  Sri Lanka or Bali?

This linkup is fakenews at its fakest. I got in touch with  close  friend  of  Prabhas  in  Hyderabad who  dismissed   the  linkup as  a fabrication .

The  friend said,  “This sounds  like publicity  for their film together  Adipurush. There  is  no point of commonality between Prabhas and the lady(Kriti Sanon). Prabhas  is  as  friendly with  all  his heroines as he is with  this lady. These linkup rumours started  recently probably as  part  of  the  publicity for their film together. There  is  certainly no  truth to it.”

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