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The Family Man Season 2 Trailer Review: It Makes All The Right Moves!

Breaking News: The Family Man To Air Next Month(June)

Ive never seen more excitement and anticipation for the any trailer for awebseriesbefore. DoesThe Family Man 2deliver? An emphatic yes would not be out of order. The trailer which was released this morning makes all the right moves. The action moves from Delhi to Chennai this time . But hang on. That comes in the trailers second-half.

LikeManoj Bajpais householder-spy personality, the trailer has a split personality. In the first-half we seeManojBajpaiand his wifePriyamanistill facing problems in their marriage. She tells him their marriage is a sham. He quicklygooglessham in his phone before responding. Luckily she doesnt mention their marriage is asphyxiating.

   Srikants wife   remains  more sophisticated  than him.  Some things never change. The domestic equation between, Srikant and his  wife Suchitra still  displays   an  imbalance more comical than chemical. Srikants kids still roll their eyes at him.I suspect he  deserves their disdain.

  Srikant(Bajpai) has  retired  from the secret services and is now  a 10-5  executive in  an organization where a nagging colleague provokes  him  not to be  a minimalist.Luckily for us  Raj  and DK  keep the  action on am  austere octave. There  is an aura of tight-fisted control around the narrative even when  it moves to Chennai where the  action is.

That  brings us  to  the second, far more riveting  half  of  the  trailer where  Telugu   actress  Samantha Akkenini  appears as  Tamil rebel affiliated  to a terror organization. It  is  a welcome  change  of pace  for  the  actress  known to play sweet  cute characters in her  native tongue Telugu. Here Samantha  takes the plunge from her mother tongue  to a murder tongue in Tamil  with a feral force. I  suspect she will be the  USP  of the second season.

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This time, the  action  appears  more clenched and  I hope  there  isnt too much on Srikants  troubled marriage in  the second season. Because we  really like him when Srikant is  busy apprehending hardcore terrorists with  his  partner  Talpade(Sharib Hashmi). At home  Srikant is  as  big a bore as  his family thinks.

Interestingly  the trailer begins and ends  with the  late Asif Basra as  the  marriage  counselor  who  probably left this earth  wondering if there  is any solution to Srikants marital  problems.

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