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The Legendary Filmmaker’s Son Tajdar Amrohi Speaks On The Film Mahal



As  Regal Cinema In Mumbai Gets Ready To Screen A  Newly Mastered Version Of Kamal Amrohi’s  Mahal  On July 27,  The  Legendary Filmmaker’s  Son Tajdar Amrohi Speaks On The  Film.

“1949 was the year my father’s Mahal was  released. It is now 2023…so many generations of moviegoers  love  his work. He was not  just about Pakeezah. His talent ran far deeper than people realize. He  wrote films like Mughal-e-Azam. He  directed imperishable   films like Mahal, Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi and  Pakeezah. But  if you ask  me to name  his best work , it would have to be Daaera. A  film way ahead of its time, a High Court  judge in Allahabad had  gone on –record  to say, ‘It’s sad that Daaera was rejected  by the audience, not  only because it’s such a great film,but also because Kamal Amrohi would never  again be emboldened  to direct such a  bold subject.”

Tajdar wants Daeera to be re-mastered and screened like Mahal. “Of course I’m very happy that Mahal has been restored for new generations and that it’s being screened again. I am honoured that I’ve been invited as  the chief guest. I remember I  was at the Maratha Mandir with my father and Choti Ammi(Meena Kumari) for  the premiere of Pakeezah on 4 February, 1972. But  the very next day, 5 February 1972,  I  was at Regal Cinema to see Pakeezah. I never  went back to Regal again.Now on  July 27 I will be at Regal Cinema again for  my  father’s  Mahal. If this is  not nostalgia, what is?”

Tajdar has been asked to speak at  the screening of Mahal. “I wouldn’t know where to start. My father was so much more than his films.”



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