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The Suicide Squad: The Javeline Is The Real Super-Hero!



The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at Belle Reve prison join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X as they are dropped off at the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.

Rating: **

The Suicide Squad Review: Weird  coincidence—though nothing as weird as what we get to see in this  flat-out gory  super-hero tripe—is  the fact that on the day  Neeraj Chopra won the Gold for us, Margot Robbie  was  busy throwing the Javelin  at her enemies and  saving the world from twisted minds  and their diabolical  designs.

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I loved Ms Robbie’s  bonding with the  javeline. She coos to and  cajoles the rod to do her will. And  if there is  anything sexual in her  attitude I am not denying it. Robbie’s Harley Quinn is  a sexed-up mess.  At one point she  is  busy  having wild  sex with a despot, and then  massacring him mercilessly.

The Suicide Squad is not your average  wholesome family-first  super-hero film. It’s filled with filth, verbal and  visual. And it  has scant respect for  the  traditional audience  of the  super-hero genre.

If the middlefinger was a film it would be called The Suicide Squad. Director James Gunn(he  has directed  the two Guardians Of The Galaxy films and is  known to  be quite a super-hero of  the  television-comicbooks-video  universe. Gunn films The Suicide Squad as a squelching  spectacle. As the  guns fly and the  computerized monsters  stalk the city of  Corto Maltese(more of that later)  humans are ripped into two perpendicular halves. In one  distasteful  subversion of   culinary bliss a  man’s head  is seen  in a  talking shark’s  mouth , his  eyes still rolling(in disbelief?).

The squishy squad of superheroes include actors  of  resonant repute  like Idris Elba  who is to the black American  acting community  what Sidney Poitier used  to be  in the good old days. Elba plays  a superhero named Bloodsport .He  and  Harley Quinn(Margo Robbie) share  a queer kinship. Or shall we say,  Quinn-ship?

The  best  moments feature Elba and Robbie, and there is a joke about a guy named Milton which had me chuckling.But I prefer  Harley Quinn with her rod.  Margot Robbie  and her  javelin  are a  hoot.More power to them  both. As  for  the  rest of the superheroes including   a cannibalistic shark speaking  in the  voice  of Sylvester Stallone,  they left no impression  at all, except a blotchy collective impression of a colourful chaos.

The Suicide Squad revels  in bright colours, blood-red being   the favoured shade.   The confounding chaos takes   the superheroes to a  dictatorial   country named  Corto Maltese  where the  sack of screwed-up  superheroes help restore the  Government to the rebel leaders .

Don’t let the  political undercurrents(including a reference to the US government’s dirty doings ) fool you. The Suicide Squad is  an out-and-out anarchic distasteful  excursion vomiting blood and gore as though they were  going out of fashion. It is  not  the kind of behaviour  we  expect  from superheroes. But then,  the world is  changing fast.These may be the  heroes  of tomorrow.And that is not an idea  we can  live with peacefully.

The  action scenes are  superbly staged, though. Best to see  the film on the large screen. Or not at all.

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