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The Sultan Trailer Is Out….& It Takes Your Breath Away, Aamir, Try Equalling That!



Oh for the thrill  of watching Salman Khan do the dhobi pachaad !! Yup, Salman charges into the camera,kicks up a dust—literally—picks up his opponent in the wrestling ring, and wham! The other guy is on the ground.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar proudly informs that Salman Khan trained for three months to master the technique of wrestling. Looks like those were months well utilized. Never before have we ween Salman Khan face the camera so fully prepared , so confidently!

No, I take that back. Confidence is never  lacking in the superstar even when  he simply saunters into camera range, says his lines any way that he wants to, and walks off.

Sultan re-discovers the actor in Salman even as it unleashes the outdoor athletic side to the star’s personality.

Have you  noticed how really few and far between the action films have been in Salman Khan’s career?

Sultan poster

It doesn’t take wild reserves of imagination  to see there is untamed lion within Salman waiting be unleashed. Here he is, gloriously sporty in a loin-clothed splendor.

This the second  hero we get to see  in a loin cloth after little Mowgli in Jungle Book. And one who remains as childlike and unaffected by the forces of corruption around him . Every time ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan hits theakhaada(wrestling ring) to a roar of approval on screen there is bound to a similar roar in the theatres this Eid.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar has tapped the athlete in Salman with gusto .The toasted browns of thre dry earth and the superstar’s zealous wrestling skills will together ensure this to be the most energetic film of Salman Khan’s career.

Now let’s see Aamir Khan try to equal this with his wrestler’s act in Dangal.

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