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The Untold Story Of Sooraj Pancholi’s Unofficial Blacklisting



Now it can be told.  The  harrowing story of  Sooraj Pancholi’s boycott  by  the entertainment  industry.

Several prominent  production companies  including  major streaming platforms  had put Sooraj on the blacklist.

A  prominent filmmaker spills the beans, “When I  wanted to sign  Sooraj for my project, the  OTT  brand which produced the project put its foot down saying they have a policy of not  working with any  actor or technician who is in  undertrial. I argued that Sanjay Dutt was getting ample work even when  out on a  bail.  But they were adamant. I had no choice but to  drop the idea.”

Another source reveals, “There was definitely an unofficial ban on that boy(Sooraj). No one was saying it out loud. But  it was  an unstated  fact that Sooraj was seen  as a potential trouble zone. ‘What if his  bail is cancelled tomorrow?’ I was asked when I was considering him  for a role.

A filmmaker who has worked with Sooraj says there was  no pressure on him to not sign Sooraj. “But I was  repeatedly asked  why I was courting trouble? My answer was simple. No one knows  about tomorrow.And that applies to  everyone. When Divya Bharti died suddenly she left many projects unfinished.Bail or  kismet, both can be cancelled without warning.”

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