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Tiger Shroff’s Facial-Hair Myth Busted



Everywhere he goes Tiger Shroff is asked about the sudden spurt of facial growth which was conspicuous by its absence when he made his debut in Hero-Panti two years ago.

At the time of the film’s release Tiger reiterated that he had no facial growth and that no matter how hard he tried to grow some it didn’t work out.

Now when Tiger’s second film is on release there are more jokes on his facial hair (or the lack of it). On Kapil Sharma’s show  when he was asked how he managed to grow facial hair in time for his second film Tiger answered he was so petrified of losing the growth that he doesn’t shave it off, lest it never come back.

Tiger Shroff’s Facial-Hair Myth Busted

Tiger Shroff’s Facial-Hair Myth Busted

All part of a planned marketing strategy, it turns out.

Says Tiger, “That exchange on Kapil Sir’s show was scripted.I do shave and I do have facial hair. In Hero-Panti my character needed to look young and innocent, hence the hairless look. Now in BaaghiI play a more mature character. Therefore the facial growth.”

Tiger admits he has given a  lot more of himself to Baaghi than his first film. “I just hope Baaghi makes an impact. I’ve given all of myself to it, and then some more.”

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