Trade Analysts Predict Record-Breaking Collections For Padmaavat

There is a reassuring euphoria regarding the boxoffice success of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat.

Trade pundits predict record-breaking collections in spite of the agitation and threats.

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Says Atul Mohan, “The hype, curiosity and excitement for Padmaavat is unheard of. The decision by Akshay Kumar to allow Padmaavat to have a free run, has been appreciated and respected and has set new precedent to be followed. There is no doubt that now Padmaavat will have the widest possible release .But at the same time it has to be seen how exhibitors extend their support towards it. According to sources the protests should settle down after the first screening and after that the protesters would simply disperse.”

Adds trade analyst Amod Mehra, “Now that Padmaavat is a solo release the film is likely to break all records at the box-office…. that is if the film is allowed to release all over…and considering the Supreme Court has given its nod, I don’t see why not?”

However film critic Raja Sen is less optimistic about the boxoffice outcome of Padmaavat. “I think Padmavaat’s troubles are unfortunately far from over. Several states and exhibitors will refrain from showing the film. The lack of an Akshay Kumar Film (PadMan) will help its chances.But I doubt the film can be as big a success as it needs to be in order to break even.”

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