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This Valentine’s Day let’s celebrate the uncommon traits in your unique BAE

 Let’s celebrate this valentine’s day/week with the other set of loved ones – our friends, because not all of us have the privilege of that special someone and a friend is someone who will always stick by. But this time let’s acknowledge the weird ones, that annoying friend who might love you more than anything, but you can kill him for that one strange habit. We all have that one friend who we loved endlessly but are annoyed by the strange habits they have. Here’s a series of funny traits that we can totally relate our friends with.

The exam ditcher: People we see in every Exam

They say never underestimate this kind, they might seem tensed and play along as the under prepared one but they will always know every answer and never HELP. Still they are the ones, who will be the last minute gurus that may teach us everything the academic year couldn’t. So cherish them and keep them close this valentines’ day.

The shopaholic friend: Every shopper ever

Ever heard shopping is therapy, well it is. And we always have that friend who is all up for SALE, shopping, bargaining and always knows where and when is the next sale. These friends can be a mood lifter anytime, because shopping cures everything from broken heart to broken friendships.

The Middle-class friend: Middle-class things we all do

You know you have a middle class friend, when every ailment can be cured by crocin or when the pani puri Bhaiya gives you extra puri’s cuz you were with your middle class friend. But you also love there knacks and little things they do. And let’s be true to ourselves we love these “middle class” things ourselves.

The book lover friend: Every book lover ever

Books are a man’s best friend – Abdul Kalaam said that. But what if you get a friend who is a book lover and is as good as the information of many books in one. We all have a friend who is a mad reader and tends to forget many occasions because he/she wants to finish that precious book. This kind comes with a lot of knowledge and  well a bag full of idioms and phrases.

The insomniac friend: The one who can`t sleep

The late night calls and conversations with the 2am friend is something we all have done, they have been our ears for all our fights problems, life problems and every possible problems. Now I wonder they were all insomniacs but they were the best friends one could ever ask for.

We may hate them for these particular habits, but when it comes to friendship we can kill the ones against them. Because every friend is a great support system we all want. No matter how much we say these habits annoy us we will always them when they are not around. Cheers to the weird habits and awkward friends


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