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Varun Dhawan-Janhvi Kapoor In A tale Of Star-Crossed Love



The  teaser of  Nitesh Tiwari’s  big-screen-tailored-experience-gone-straight-to-OTT Bawaal shows Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor in a very simple boy-meets-girl situation,  the  kind we’ve grown up watching  in Raj kapoor’s Bobby, Rahul Rawail’s Love Story and Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

This is  not to say Bawaal is  in the same  league of  evergreen love stories as  the above.  But  for sure, there is  a timbre and  flavour to the  storytelling, as seen in the teaser, which suggests that we are in for  something special in the love genre, and  never  mind the truncated screen  size.

In an interaction with me some months  ago  Janhvi had confessed she had never been  so excited about  any project so far.  “I’m extremely  excited about  Bawaal, as it conveys ideas that I believe in  my own life, I can’t reveal any more. All I will say is, it is a film very close to my heart. Shooting has been an  amazing  experience. It is  my most precious film. I  know I say that every time .But really , this has been an  experience so  rewarding that  when I am alone  I sit and think about it. I’ve never  felt  like that for any film.It was  just such a happy set. We were  all working in   unison  to make this vision come true. It  was truly the  most rewarding  experience.”

Bawaal  has been shot in multiple continents.  But going by the teaser, the end-product doesn’t look  touristic. The locations are organic to the plot.

With  both Varun and Janhvi in urgent need  of a hit, Bawaal is likely to  turn the tides for the  duo when it streams on Prime  Video  from July 21.

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