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Verdict In Suraj Pancholi’s Case On April 28, Will He Finally Be Free?



Suraj Pancholi  will finally see a closure in the Jiah Khan case  as the special Central Bureau of Investigation court delivers its verdict on abetment to suicide.

Will Suraj go free on April 28?

His family  has been asked to maintain silence and not  speak to the press.

 However  a close friend of  the young actor spoke to this writer: “Suraj has suffered enough.  For ten years he has this sharp sword  hanging over his  head. This(the case) has  been hovering over his head every single  moment  of his life. He has not been able to enjoy  anything  during the  last ten years.Whether he  is  working or relaxing at home or  spending time with his  family, the fact that he is an undertrial has followed  him like  a shadow. It is  like being in  prison without actually being in the prison.”

As the day  of the verdict approaches Suraj feels  a mixture of  relief and  anxiety.

“He  has reached  a stage where any closure is better than this uncertainty. If  the honourable court  finds him guilty, so  be it. If he is  found non-guilty then his pain will finally end.  Either way, he has full faith  in the judiciary,” says  the friend.

Suraj is now spending  all his time with his family. They are trying to  make him as  comfortable  as possible. But the agony of waiting for  the verdict has snatched all sleep away from Suraj.

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