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Vijay Sethupathi: “I Will Not Be Pushed For Attention”



Vijay Sethupathi

Tamil cinema’s pride  and glory Vijay Sethupathi finds himself at the  vortex of  an  unsavoury controversy . After  a self-appointed Hindu outfit  declared  a Rs 1001/ prize for anyone who  ‘kicks’ Vijay Sethupathi after he had what he called a “minor argument” with a  man on  a flight to Bengaluru,  the actor par excellence has decided  enough is  enough.

“This is  nothing but an  attention-getting gimmick. So far I’ve been bearing with these   loud  obnoxious efforts to get my attention. These are  people  who have nothing better to  do. But  keeping quiet is seen as a  sign  of cowardice  after a point,” says Vijay Sethupathi.

Is he planning to  take these attention-seekers to court?

“We  will seek legal remedy, and also the court’s help in securing my protection  from any attack, verbal or physical. Do not  test my  patience. Do not take  my silence for granted. I love fans. But if one of them  becomes aggressive and violent, it’s time to let the law calm him down.”

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