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Vijay Sethupathi On What He Did Wrong In Uppena



 Vijay Sethupathi is very happy that his two back-to-back villainous turns  in the Tamil Master and the Telugu Uppeni  have paid rich dividends.

 However  the magnificent  performer  says he will suffer an abiding sorrow regarding his Telugu debut in Uppeni. “I couldn’t dub my own lines in Telugu. It was my first Telugu film and I did not have a  strong enough command over the language. I tried my best.  But everyone felt  I was  speaking Telugu with an  accent. Best  to  get someone else to dub.”

 Now, Vijay Sethupathi,a stickler  for perfection, feels he did not get it right.  “Audiences saw  two different  performances up there. The  one  that I gave  on screen.And the  other  one  given by the  dubbing artiste.It’s two  different  performances.”

Happy as he is   by the  film’s  success  Vijay is troubled  by the linguistic lacuna . “If I had to do it again I’d make sure I know the  language well enough to be accepted by audiences in Andhra and Telangana.”

But they have accepted his performance warmly  in the Telugu  belt?

“It is their kindness, their love for me. That makes me even more conscious of  making sure I speak Telugu like a local next time,” Sethupathi vows.

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