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Vijay Sethupathi’s Fee For Masterchef Is Higher Than Any South Indian Actor



Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi’s Fee For Masterchef Is Higher Than Any South Indian Actor

Barring Salman Khan  no  Indian star-actor  has been  paid as much as Vijay Sethupathi  for  his  appearance on the Tamil  version of  Master Chef, thereby  effectively bridging the pay-parity gulf between South Indian stars and their  Bollywood counterpart.

A   source  close to the development   informs that  the money was  the  only criteria for Vijay Sethupathi to  agree to host Master Chef. “Otherwise why would such a popular and busy screen  actor with as many as  5-6 films on the floor, squeeze time out to do   a television show. See, Vijay doesn’t do movies for money. Many times he  lets go of his full remuneration to accommodate a  challenging role. This(Master Chef) was  his chance  to make  some money.”

The  fee being offered  to Vijay is apparently  Rs 5 crores  per episode. That apart, it requires only  5-6 hours  shooting hours  every  week.

Speaking  on Master Chef  Vijay said to me, “As  you know Master Chef is  an  international cooking  franchise. They have their show in  many countries in many  different languages. I am  hosting the  Tamil  version of Master Chef.I have been hosting   another television show Namma Oru Hero for two years.This is  a  Tamil  weekly show where I  bring into the limelight unsung heroes ,  the workingclass  soldiers, the doctors, nurses, school teachers…For  me they are the real  heroes.”

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