Waheeda Rehman: “I Am Not Doing Any Films At The Moment”

The enchanting Waheeda Rehman says she is  not  eager to face the camera  just for the sake of working.   “I’ve done  enough work  during a career of more than 60 years. I can afford to be choosy now,or not work at all if I don’t find anything interesting.”

At  the moment  Waheedaji will be seen only in Anoop  Singh   new project is called Mantra – Song of  Scorpions.

Says Waheedaji, “It’s about a young woman singer deep in the desert of Rajasthan, who sings and heals people. Due to certain circumstances,when she realizes that her life has been poisoned by the man in her life, she then has to go on a kind of mystical journey to find a song that will heal her.The Iranian actress, Golshifteh Farahani has been cast for theprotagonist’s role.I  appear in a brief but important role.”

Waheedaji agreed to the cameo because she liked the director’s earlier film Qissa. “It’s exciting to work with new directors with new ideas.”

The legendary actress will also be seen playing dancer after a  very long time , in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam2.

“Again I am  doing this only for the  excitement of  working with Kamal Haasan who is such  a fine talent. It’s  not a major role. But Kamal insisted I  do  it.”

Having shot for both the films Waheedaji has not signed any more films. “I am not doing any films at the moment. But I am open to good roles always. Once an actor always an actor.”


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