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Werewolves Within Review: It Is Jejune Junk



Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within(Amazon Prime)

Starring  Sam Richardson, Milana Vayntrub, George Basil, Sarah Burns, Michael Chernus, Catherine Curtin, Directed  by  Josh Ruben

Directed  by  Josh Ruben;

Rating: * ½

Werewolves Within(Amazon Prime) Review: Okay, I am  in  the minority here. Critics  and the audience have liked this videogame converted  into  a   film, and its  matchless  appetite  for jolt frights. I found Werewolves Within  a tedious slog in spite  of the  brisk pace and an apparently insatiable appetite for mayhem.

Werewolves Within gore fest is set in  a small sleepy town where  men  entertain  themselves  not  by  watching American Idol but gossiping and having flings with  other  people’s wives. Such are the nightmares  of  dumbed-down  lives.  The  film opens with one gentleman waiting for a little fun away from his wife in the snow being dragged away by an unknown unseen  creature.

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Turns   out, there is  a werewolf on  the prowl. Rather  than lock themselves   up in their homes everyone congregates at  the local inn run by  a woman(Catherine Curtin) whose husband’s  body is  found under the  floor. Catherine  Curtin’s scream on  seeing her dead  husband could wake up the dead. But it  does  nothing to  liven the  limp proceedings. Another man’s  hand is  bitten  off by the unknown/unseen  creature. Maybe he was putting his hand in places it shouldn’t go. It’s  like  making a movie  out of a video game.Some places are  better left unvisited.

Everyone has sticky fingers  in this  dial-a-scare  farce-food  fear  fiesta. The whole   town seems to be into guns and gossip. Apparently in small towns the  two go hand-in-hand.  So  what are we looking at here? A  forest ranger Finn(Sam Richardson) who teams  up with  a  local courier  woman  Cecily (Milana Vayntrub) He is  clearly  attracted to her. But  the sparks fly elsewhere.

The  weight  of  carrying this weightless  scare-dare  videogame  on  film falls on the werewolf factor. Midway through the  melee of mayhem the  cast is  locked away in   a  large  home trying to keep  the werewolf  out.

This is where  the  narrative  could have gathered momentum and powered  itself into a fright fest. Instead  the characters barely have time  together in terror before they begin to disperse and  the  prospect of this  intended scare fare  turning into  another Knives  Out is  squandered in  the silliest  denouement  I’ve seen on this  side  of The  Monster Squad.

Werewolves Within will leave you worn down and exhausted.  Sure, it is fast paced  . But where exactly are  we  going?

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