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What Is Tabu Doing In Allu Arjun’s One-Man Show?



 The  one baffling  puzzle that  follows  us  out  of  the  hugely entertaining  Telugu  release  Ala Vaikuntapurramloo is, what is the super-talented  beautiful Tabu doing playing playing  Allu Arjun’s mother in this out-and-out masala film?

Allu is  36  to Tabu’s  48.  And it’s not as   though  the role is great  either. Jayaram  who plays  Tabu’s husband has a much  more substantial role than  Tabu. She barely  has  a playing-time  of  10-15 minutes and  only one  important  sequence.

What a disappointing return  to Telugu cinema after 11 years!

So what made  her do it?

According to sources  it was the money.

“Allu  Arvind the film’s producer,   was   keen to have Tabu on board. They offered her more than what she  usually gets paid  in Hindi films,” whispers the source.

 However  to see her  in such a minuscule role comes as  a shock to  her fans(yours truly included).

A close friend  of  Tabu in Bollywood defends her decision to be a part of Ala Vaikuntapurramloo. “She  did it out of  goodwill for the Allu family.Being from Hyderabad  she has  close ties with the  Telugu  film industry.Even in  Hindi cinema she  has done small roles in  the Salman  starrers  Jai Ho and  Bharat because of her closeness to Salman Khan and his family. Also, even if she did  Ala Vaikuntapurramloo for the  money what’s wrong with it? Why is she expected to survive on  praise  just because  she’s a brilliant actress?”

Whatever  the reason for her  reason to do this Telugu film, 2020 is not a good year  for Tabu. Her look and role in her forthcoming  Hindi  film Jawani Jaaneman are also being  criticized.

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