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What Will Be Trending In Bollywood 2020? A Tongue in ‘check’ look



If at all, 2019  in Bollywood would be remembered  for the workingclass hero,as  represented by  Ayushmann Khurrana giving us  hits  while the  larger than  life hero took a  backseat.What  does  2020  have in store? Let’s find out.

1.     More bio-pics: Everything  from Uri to Balakot, and everyone  from Manmohan Singh to Jayalalitha  is taken .  Now  in  2020 filmmakers  will   seen to be scraping  the bottom of  the barrel . Biopics on Ronu Mondal,  Payal Rohatgi and Mimoh  Chakraborty are  still available, Grab while you can. Oh,  and  how about  booking movie rights  to  Taimur’s  childhood memoirs? He  is sure to write about his bizarre tryst with fame at  age 0.

2.     More Taimur?  Speaking of  Taimur, he will be 3  next year(after 2  , that’s  what usually happens). We will definitely see more of  Kareena and Saif’s  toddler. In 2020 he won’t only know every photographer  by name he will also know every member of every photographer’s  family by name. In  the meanwhile Ranveer and Deepika’s son(Veerdeep?) will be  born. Taimur will pretend  to be happy for them.

3.     Sadly Zero of SRK:  For Shah Rukh Khan’s  fans, there is  terrible  new. After no SRKreleases  in 2019, there will be none in 2020 either. This would result in a condition  of mass hysteria among his fans who would threaten to  give up eating pizzas and chocolates  until they see their idol  back on screen. SRK will break his (film) fast with chocolates and pizzas  distributed free of cost at Mannat  for hus fans. Issko kehte junkfood for thought.

4.     Salman’s  Heroines Will Get Younger:  Salman  was  about to co-star with Alia Bhattwho is  half his age.  In Dabangg 3 his  heroine Saeee Manjrekar is  his friend MaheshManjrekar’s  daughter. In 2020 we may see Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter Shanaya make her debut opposite Salman. Remember  , Bhai can do anything.

5.     Tom Hanks  Will  Go Into Depression:  After seeing  Aamir Khan play Forrest GumpTom Hanks will get so depressed he may  get suicidal. To see  another actor play  his role with such dedication…no no!  Hanks won’t be able to bear it. Henceforth he  may  put in a clause in all his  films. No remakes, and certainly none  starring India’s Tom Hanks.

6.     Kareena’s  40th Birthday  :  In 2020 Kareena will hit the fabulous 40 with a grand party where she will invite all of  her former  boyfriends.  It will be like the opening sequence from her grandfather Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam  Joker where Kareena  will sing and dance  to a remix version of Jeena  Yahan Marna Yahan.

7.     Destination Wedding  for Ranbir-Alia: While the other powercouple Malaika Arora and Arjun Kpaoor will continue to be  content posting flirty  photographs,  Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are  sure to tie the  knot in 2020. But where? Is there any  part of  the world where  the pair can be freed of  the stare?  Karan  Johar has  a  solution. He will buy an island in the Greek  region and give it  to  his favourite couple  as their advanced wedding gift. Ranbir and Alia can then call all their friends to the  island and do the wedding in peace.  PS.  Karan’s twins  may not like Daddy splurging on his friends like this. But  since Ranbir Bhaiyya and Alia Didi have promised to dance at Yash and Roohi’s joint wedding in  2040, it’s all fine in La La Land.

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