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When Madhuri Dixit Dumped Sanjay Dutt



 I wonder if Madhuri Dixit wished Sanjay Dutt on his 60th birthday  on July 29. I sincerely doubt it. The way she  dropped  Sanjay Dutt  like a  garam aloo when he got into serious trouble  with the law was proof of  the ruthless streak within her.

The  truth is—and here, dear readers,we must go into a flashback— Sanjay Dutt  and  Madhuri Dixit  were deeply madly and truly in love . This happened when they were shooting for  the  film Saajan,and their romance was heading to the altar when  the excreta  hit the ceiling.

Sanjay Dutt  who  was  a prime accused  for  the 1993  Mumbai blasts was taken into custody just a  few days before the release of Subhash Ghai’s Khalnaayak. The film starred  Sanjay Dutt  as a  hardcore terrorist,  and Ghai’s marketing team  released  stills of  a shackled  handcuffed long-haired red-eyed Dutt in prison uniform to  every  mdia outlet that  existed back then.

 The result was calamitous  for  Sanjay Dutt . Everyone  saw the pictures as a reflection of  Dutt’s true role in  the  terror attacks that shook Mumbai in 1993.  Sanjay Dutt ’s girlfriend  Madhuri Dixit  also woke up like the  rest of Mumbai to that visual  of  Dutt dressed  up as a  captured terrorist. Her conservative Maharashtrian parents remained silent. But the  unspoken  recrimination hung thickly in the air.

This is when Madhuri took a  decision to sever all  ties with Dutt.

The  story goes…Mads, as he called her,  was  the second  person he called after his father when the law enforcers swooped down on Dutt.  Madhuri Dixit  didn’t  take the call. Dutt called again, and again  and again…But as  far as  Madhuri Dixit  was  concerned, she was done with Dutt. The relationship was  over, and  there was nothing to talk about.

A close friend  of Dutt told me he was shattered  by the betrayal. “The philandering Casanova had  finally met his match.  Madhuri Dixit  was  every bit as  ruthless and ambitious  as Dutt. A career woman could be absolutely  selfserving  when she sets her heart  to it. Madhuri Dixit  didn’t want to be in  a  messy relationship with a tainted superstar, and that’s fine. But she  didn’t allow Baba  even that one final conversation to validate the breakup.”

For years  after the breakup  Sanjay Dutt  would  get drunk and  curse and abuse the woman who left him just when he  needed her the most. It took the healing touch of another woman, Maanyata to  repair and restore Dutt’s confidence in the  institution of love and marriage. Now  Dutt and  Madhuri Dixit  are  mature and wise enough to work together. But don’t let that veneer of grace and  warmth  on display while promoting Kalank fool you.

  Sanjay Dutt  has  still not forgiven  Madhuri Dixit . He  never will.

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