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Who Says ‘Phir Kya Hua’ In Jhoomka Gira Re?



The  most famous Asha Bhosle song composed  by  the great Madan Mohan is Jhumka gira re  bareilly ke bazaar mein from  Raj Khosla’s  Mera Saaya 1966.For decades now,  music listeners have  wondered  about the unidentified male  voice that breaks into Ms  Bhosle’s singing to ask, ‘Phir  kya hua?’

The mystery has been  finally solved. The  voice asking Asha  Bhosle , ‘Phir kya hua?’  in  Jhoomka gira re belongs to the late  and celebrated  commentator and broadcaster Vinod Sharma who  was  a friend of the composer Madan Mohan.

A  source  close to the late  composer reveals, “Even Ashaji didn’t know whom that  voice belonged to.  She  had  to  call up Madan Mohan Saab’s son Sanjeev Kohli to find  out . It was  Sanjeev who sorted the mystery once and for all.”

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