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Who Will Finally Play Narendra Modi?



There  has been a spate  of rumours regarding who will  finally play  Prime  Minister NarendraModi  in  his biopic.

 The  three actors whose names  keep  coming  up   are Paresh Rawal, Akshay  Kumar  and Anupam Kher.It is understood  that  all  the three actors are  most  willing and  eager  to play  the coveted  role and apparently  PM Modiji is  quite happy with all three choices.

A  source  close to the ruling government  told me, “Anupamji and  Pareshji are  not  only dear to Modiji they are also  very good actors. However  Akshay Kumar will bring a  certain saleability  to the  project.It is  important to  cast an  actor who would  draw in the audience.”

This  source also informs that  the PM’s office is  “understandably wary” of  a  bio-pic about PM Modi after what  was  done to his life’s story in the  bio-pic directed by Omung Kumar.

“The  next time , PM Modi may want to  know what goes into  the film about his  life. He is not  interested in a sycophantic over-sweetened  biopic. The PM  doesn’t take  kindly to  jee-huzoori,” says  the source.

Unfortunately  there was a rather appalling  bio-pic  on   the Indian Prime Minister earlier this year directed by Omung  Kumar after which the  PM’s office has decided to be  careful with  the  crew and   content  involved  with anything to do with putting  the  PM’s life on celluloid.

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